Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Using Recycled Materials

Here is a note from a builder with a very good idea for locating recycled deck boards for the Playhouse Coop:

"My wife and I purchased your plans for the 8' X 8' coop, and I just started on it earlier today.
I read your blog this evening and saw the one about recycling lumber for the coop. This is exactly what we have done, our local land fill will allow us to take 3 cubic yds of material a day out for recycling purpose's. I started going to the building material area , and as luck would have it I hit a gold mine one day. Someone had very carefully disassembled a red wood deck and disposed of it. We hauled a good portion of the lumber out before the land fill chipped it up for mulch. I spent the day today ripping the 2 X 6's and plan to start construction in the morning. We have more then enough lumber for the frame of the coop and plan to use the rest for other projects we have planned. You may want to suggest people check their local land fill's for lumber in your blogs. We will send photo's when construction is complete. By the way, I enjoyed your directions for constructing a rain barrel on Utube, and have the materials to make 4 now".

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