Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sliding Floor for Cleanout of Roost Box

Sliding Floor for Easy Clean-out of Roost Box

What is not shown on the video is a small flap cut into the side of the roost box area opposite the egg door. Cut a rectangular opening about 4 inches high across the 24" plywood side panel. The bottom of the rectangle should be even with the top of the floor to the roost box. Hinge the rectangle on the top side. Install a to keep out predators. Then cut a thin sheet of plywood (1/4 or so) which will slide over the roost box floor. To allow the plywood to cover more area, consider adding a floor to the nest box, then suspending the nest box an inch or so above the roost floor. This will allow you to slide the removable floor under the nest box. Alternatively, you can cut a rectangle out of the sliding floor so that it does not hit the nest box.

The color, three dimensional drawings will show the opening for the cleanout. There is also a photo of a builder who has installed this feature. The size of the plywood floor is roughly 2' x 4'. You will have to cut it down a bit to fit your particular application,.

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