Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tools Needed to Build the Playhouse Coop

There are some basic tools that you will need to complete this carpentry project. While all of the cut can be done with hand tools, a few power tools will make the job much easier and more satisfying.

As for power tools, I recommend the following: A circular saw ,a jig saw and a cordless drill/driver and a table saw. The table saw will make the rips (cutting a board lengthwise) easier. While a circular saw can perform this, the time and end results will not be the same.

As for hand tools, the basic tool chest will suffice. Additionally, a good pair of tin snips will be needed and a rivet tool will add a nice finished look to the metal roof.

The four sides of the coop are best built on a flat surface. Saw horses will decrease the amount of bending over needed. A good square and level will also help.

Make sure that you know how to properly operate all the tools before beginning. If you are not comfortable with the tool, please consider asking a friend or neighbor for help. You might be surprised at how much neighbors enjoy showing off our carpentry skills by helping you out.

Do think through all the different phases of the building process before beginning to cut your first board. Much time and frustration can be spared by giving careful thought to the entire process.

Best of building success!

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