Sunday, May 11, 2008

Welcome to the Playhouse Coop Update Blog

Hello and welcome chicken coop builders. I want to thank you for choosing my Playhouse Coop design for your poultry house. I hope that the plans you purchased from me or from one of my retail sites will provide you with the essential information to undertake the construction of this coop.

While I have striven to provide you with the necessary photos, measurements, plans and descriptions, I have learned that it is impossible to answers everyone question with a one time document. Therefore, I have created this blog in order to provide you the builder with updates, hints, materials substitutions, design alternatives and general encouragement as you send them to me. In short, I see these plans as a continual work in progress, one for which I can use your insights and observations.

As you build, please make note of any part of the building process that you find needs further clarification or more information. Then send me an email at and I will post your findings on this blog. This will serve to help others who might share your questions. I would like to post your photos also, so consider taking a few pics of the process as well as of the finished product. Others will appreciate your willingness to share your perspectives.

If you can offer alternative designs or substitute materials, please email me this information also.

In this way I hope that together we can continue to introduce more people to the fascinating and sustainable hobby of raising chickens in our yards. I look forward to hearing from you.

I wish you the very best of building success.

Dennis Harrison-Noonan

Isthmus Handyman LLC


Denny McEntire said...

Where can your plans be purchased?

Anonymous said...

Looks really nice. Good luck

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